1. What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to learn how well the study drug works and how safe the study drug is to treat migraine in children and adolescents compared to placebo.


2. Who is conducting it?

The study is being conducted by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals.

3. Will I have to pay anything to participate?

No. If you qualify and are chosen to participate, you will receive all study-related care, including investigational study drug, at no cost to you. Insurance is not required.

4. How many people will participate in the study?

About 1,440 people will enter into the treatment phase of this study.


5. What if I join and decide I do not want to participate anymore?

Like all clinical studies, your participation is fully voluntary. You may leave the study at any time.

6. What is a Placebo?

A placebo is an inactive medicine that looks like the study drug but does not contain any real medicine. Researchers use a placebo to see if the study drug works better or is safer than taking nothing.

7. What is the next step if I am interested?

View the list of criteria or call the clinic nearest you to see if you qualify.