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For Parents & Guardians 

Thank you for wanting to learn more about this trial.

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Watching your children suffer from migraine is tough.

Seeing them deal with the pain and symptoms, how it can interrupt their school and activities, and wishing you could do more to help them can be heart-wrenching.

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That’s why we’re conducting a new clinical trial to learn how a medicine that’s already helping adults with migraine, might be able to help your adolescent child too.

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Specifically Designed for Children

Children are not just “smaller adults.” Medicines and treatments need to be studied, and trials designed and conducted specifically with children, to make sure they are safe and effective for this part of the population. That’s why participation from children in this study is so important. 

As a parent, keeping your child safe is a top priority. 

It’s ours too.

Pediatric Trials and Child Safety

As a parent, keeping your child safe is a top priority. It’s ours too.
That’s why our Pediatric Migraine clinical trial has been created and is being implemented with special child safety and comfort considerations in mind. This includes oversight by the U.S FDA, as well as Institutional Review Boards and other regulatory agencies. 

Prior to your child’s participation in the trial, an Informed Consent document with details of the study will be provided for your approval. At that time, you will have the opportunity to discuss and get answers from the study team to any questions you or your child might have.

Again, we are committed to you and your child’s safety, confidence and comfort while participating in this trial.

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You are not alone.

Hear what other's have to say...

"When you know that your kid is in that much pain..."

If you would like to get more information and see if your child qualifies for this trial ...

Go to the Find a Trial Location Page Click Here

Find a trial clinic in your area and call them. 

The clinicians will be able to answer all your and your child’s questions and let you know how to proceed. 


Clinical Trials can change people's lives ...

 by helping researchers develop new medications to some of the most debilitating diseases.

Listen to 12-year old Elyanna's story of her experience participating in a pediatric migraine clinical trial.

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